Building spigot crashes my pc

I’m using mineos on top of ubuntu desktop 16.04 with 2GB of RAM, haven’t gotten round to adding more yet, but when I attempt to build spigot or craftbukkit in the webui or via the terminal it always crashes. I think this might be my ram but I don’t know and if it is by the time I add more ram I’ll be upgrading everything in my pc so I’m trying to find a solution in the software before changing the hardware. :smile:
Thanks in advance

Try limiting the RAM usage with Java’s -xmx flag; for example: java -Xmx512M -jar BuildTools.jar which would probably work best in your situation.

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Ok I’ll try limiting the ram but before I was using the webui which is probably where the problem resides

I have tried using the command you said but it doesnt work and my pc still crashes :frowning:
any more suggestions apart from hardware upgrades
thanks for the suggestion
Edit: I’m going to try building it outside webui with it stopped

I have successfully finished build but there are a few errors
Thx for the help
Edit: decided to build on a pc with 4gb and transfer the files to my servers folder