Building new server

I got a MSI B85M-E45 Motherboard, which has the Intel B85 Express Chipset, running 16GB ram, Solid state HDD, I installed MineOS turnkey 64 bit, and then when I ran ‘apt-get update’ I got an error in short “debain no public key 9d6d8f6bc857c906” I ran ‘apt-get install debian-keyring debian-archive-keyring’ to fix that eror, now I get ‘Ignoring Provides line with DepCompareOp for package php-psr-http-message-implementation’ and 6 others with different package names. I also ran ‘apt-get upgrade’ got no errors but didn’t fix the ‘apt-get update’ problem I believe the error is cause by a outdated line in source.list.d folder just have not found a how to on how to update that file.

This is not a mineos specific issue but a Turnkey Linux issue. I suggest googling the issue or looking at Turnkey Linux forums for help.

Update the system and all programs using the following two commands:

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Ignore the errors in apt-get upgrade, and when apt-get dist-upgrade prompts you Y/n, do Y which will update everything to their latest versions, which should fix any apt-get update errors in the future.

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I did the

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

errors are gone now, but the normal screen I seen to let me know MineOS was booted is now just text, I can log in using tcp, but I can’t login to the web user interface it’s now set up to host a webpage. I would like to be able to host a webpage, so that’s fine just need to fix the web user interface so both works.

Did you try installing a webserver and then the webui broke? Can you give us a rough idea of any new packages (webserver related, perhaps php) that you performed?

The web-ui runs on 8080, which is not a default port for installed webservers (usually they’re 80).

As root, type the following and let us know what you get back:

service mineos start

edit: this assumes the MineOS turnkey using the python webui. At the time of this writing, mineos-node (the nodejs based webui) is now the official flagship distribution.

This is not a running server so if I have to format and start over it’s no big deal. I ran apt-get dist-upgrade and now I get a page about setting up a Apache web server when I try to log in. I was not trying at the moment to install a web server it just happened. I figured if I play with mistakes I’m just learning more on how to fix things. I will set up server again tonight and see if I read page that came up wrong.

sorry took me so long but the service MineOS start came back with an error, “Failed to get D-bus connection: no such file or directory .”

Guess what I need to know is from fresh install what is need to do to get MineOS to run on the latest drivers for motherboard and to run a Minecraft server and host a website for the Minecraft server

Based on the error you’re getting, I’d recommend you install the MineOS webui atop a different distribution altogether. If MineOS Turnkey doesn’t have the drivers you need–it’s not worth the effort trying to figure out how to get them. Find a distro, like Ubuntu or Debian, that recognizes all your hardware out of the box and then follow the wiki to install the webui.