[BUG] New Server dialog does not reset to step 1

When creating a few new server, the first server being created starts at Step 1. From that point on, when I try and create additional servers, it always starts at Step 3. Is there certain browsers that only work with the web-ui?

I have this little “bug” too.
Simply reload the page completely with Ctrl+F5 before recreating another server, or just go back through the buttons provided for this purpose.

In retrospect, it seems likes this was a really easy solved oversight. It appears from the jquery formwizard github, it could be as easy as adding the “resetForm” attribute.

I’m out of town right now so if anybody is interested in forking and submitting a PR, I’d appreciate it! Or I can tackle it in a few days when I return.

Of course, I’ve known about this bug for a long time, but it never seemed to garner much attention (and its existence has been quite useful for my dev), but it’s time to fix it because it’s just better that way.

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