Bug: "-" in server name causes servers to be invisible

I was playing around with my servers, and renaming some of the folders (I connect via samba). I found that if I name one of the /servers/servername folder something like /servers/servername-blah it completely freaks out the dashboard and all servers in the list become invisible, even though they are running. I was really scared at first that all my servers were wiped. Thought you guys might like to know. I can recreate it. If I change the name to servername.blah it works, but servername-blah, doesn’t.

That’s correct, hyphens are not valid (for the sake of MineOS) server names. It is alphanumerics, period, and underscore. This helps keep consistent naming of the screen sessions within, e.g.,
mc-myserver, over mc-servername-blah.

However, it should definitely not be crashing anything. It should just be gracefully ignoring it and moving on; I’ll have to take a look at the code within and produce a fix.

To clarify, it doesn’t seem to crash anything, it just makes ALL servers in the dashboard invisible. Running, or not, they disappear.

So if I have server1, server2, server3-blah, neither server1, 2, nor 3 will be visible in the dashboard. If I rename server3-blah back to server3.blah, then they ALL come back.

Go ahead and update your webui through git. I just pushed a commit that addresses this issue.

The intended behavior is any server not matching the ‘valid_server_name’ function is it will be skipped and all remaining servers should appear as usual.

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can you confirm if this issue is resolved?

Sorry, I did get the webui updated but haven’t tested the hyphen thing yet. I’ll try to get it sometime this week.

I just confirmed, your fix did fix the issue, thanks!