Broadcom BCM5716C

Repurposing a websense appliance (Dell server) and I am having an issue with Turnkey Linux finding the Nic drivers. It always comes up with no ethernet configured. There’s actually 4 ports. The Nic is a Broadcom BCM5716C. Is this supported? If not I will try Ubuntu. is responsible for deciding the drivers included in Turnkey, which is just a respin of Debian. If you have, however, run into hardware that simply isn’t supported by the MineOS Turnkey ISO, then the quickest way to move on is to install a version of Ubuntu that works and install the webui with the instructions from the wiki.

I just installed Ubuntu Server 14.04 and followed your wiki instructions. For some reason I cannot get access to the webui.

What …error(?) are you getting? How are you trying connecting?