Broadcast Doesn't Appear to Work

I have a freenas 11.3 installation using GIT 75e753f. MineOS doesn’t appear to broadcast my servers on my LAN. The clients can connect directly, and I can add the server manually.

I’ve checked iocage jail config, (can ping the clients from the jail). Checked UpNP enabled on router (can see UpNP traffic to server). Checked server.config &, & logs for issues (nothing I can see).

Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot this?

MineOS broadcasts on UDP port 4445 as listed in server.js

var UDP_DEST = '';
var UDP_PORT = 4445;

If your jail/firewall configuration isn’t relaying these broadcasts, that’s why it’s not appearing.

Thanks for the response @hexparrot . It appears to be a network issue within the jail on FreeNas 11.3. Devs are aware of a vnet issue, hopefully it gets ironed out in the next release.

I am having the same issue on truenas 12.2 jails.

however it think my issue extends a little further - direct connect isn’t working either but i think you’re on to something with mentioning port 4445 and a jail firewall.

how would i edit my configuration on truenas to change the firewall? is there a ‘ping’ command you know of that might help me?