Bring server-port front and center

For me, one of the challenges of running a couple different flavors of a minecraft servers has been getting the ports correct:

  1. port is open and reachable from the internet
  2. port is not already being used by another server
  3. port is open on the docker (specific to running mineos in docker, like me)

There are several things you could do to make this easier to manage.

include some built in port checker,

details on the several port options:
query.port, rcon.port, and server-port

a red flag when a specified port is already assigned another server

a space for “user notes” that load on the Dashboard. I find that I have to keep digging through settings to figure out what ports are where for each server, copy/paste that into a text file. Then, invariably, I close that text file, don’t save it, and have to recreate it again next time I’m messing with server stuff.

Server Status window has a couple helpful sections: Server Actions, Java Settings, Restore Points, Archives, Ownership and Disk Usage, and Delete Server
How about a Server Properties Hotbar? Where users can Pin several settings from the Server.Properties to a section on the Server Status (server-port would certainly be one for me!)?