Best way to migrate world from hosted service

I am not too familiar with linux yet but I was able to follow the step by steps on setting up my debian 7 wheezy vps with mineos using the guide in the wiki. I am able to log into the web ui with root and a non-root user profile.

I was having problems using the commands in terminal to move files so I used WinSCP for the gui. I downloaded all the game files from the hosted server via ftb and loaded them into the appropriate server folder in mineos. It wouldn’t load, I ended up creating a new instance and copied all the settings. That didn’t work. Finally I read in another thread regarding permissions so I went through each folder and file and corrected the permissions. That got things going and I was able to log into the world. Now I am having some problems with error messages that say "[13:36:52] [Server thread/WARN]: mikebel3 moved wrongly!"

I apologize for so much background info, I’m trying to debate whether to keep troubleshooting with the path I am currently on or if there is a better way to handle this.

The best way to migrate would be creating an archive (or backup, different hosts have different names for the same thing) but you should end up with a ZIP or a compressed file in the end, which you can upload to /var/games/minecraft/import then from the MineOS UI, Create new server from Archive. If your host has a separate folder for jar files (all hosts which use MultiCraft for example) then you’ll have to copy/move the jar out to the server’s directory, or if a host uses MultiCraft but the jar folder is empty, you’ll have to download/compile a jar yourself for use. It’s actually pretty easy to get done.

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Thanks. I’m going to look to see if this is an option with my server host.