Backup (restore) not executed

Hi there! New user here. I have tried finding the answer to my issue, but have not yet been able to fix it, so I’ll try with my own post.

I have been using MineOS for quite some time, but just recently the backups stopped working.

I have updated the WebUI (5670b46), tried chowning - deleting - and creating the backup directory manually, but to no avail.

Here is the response in the log when executing the restore command:

{"level":"info","message":"[Huset] issued command : \"backup\"","timestamp":"2020-09-16T06:51:15.180Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"[Huset] received request \"backup\"","timestamp":"2020-09-16T06:51:15.181Z"}
51,"level":"error","message":"[Huset] command \"backup\" errored out:","timestamp":"2020-0916T06:51:15.452Z"}

Thankful for any help I can get! :slight_smile:

Hey there @lilltonka

Have had the same trouble before though I don’t really know what’s causing it I know it does help to sometimes try it a couple times in a larger time span. Also makes sure that the server is off (don’t know if it matters but it should save all when the server is shutdown. If it still doesn’t backup make sure you have enough space to make another backup. I have had gigantic problems with storage not so long ago.
I hope my experience with mineOS could have been of any help.
With a friendly greetings

Thanks @ayrtondutchman for the answer!

I forgot to mention I actually tried both turning off the server and executing the backup. I however did try it again just now, and it still fails. Bummer!

It should not be a space issue as far as I can see, if not the system itself limits the amount of space used in some way, however unlikely.

I’m guessing it is something with permissions. I still have a hard time with linux permissions…

Do you have it installed on a Virtualbox? You should also be able to directly see the storage usage when Locked in as any account on the terminal (through putty or directly on the machine)

Yes, it’s a virtual machine in Proxmox. I checked also; 50+ gb free.

Is this your own installation?

Can you confirm that rdiff-backup, the backup/restore utility is installed on your system?

$ rdiff-backup

Hi @hexparrot, and thanks for answering!

Yes, it is my own installation (have a Dell Poweredge in the basement…) and rdiff-backup is available and the latest version.

Bumping this issue. I have tried looking around other threads with similar issue, but I have still not yet found out a solution. The system is also quite slow, not sure if it is related. Anyone got an idea what to look for? The logs say nothing more than the initial one i added. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: