Backup failed: errored out

Hey there, I’ve had this issue for the past few days since I accidentally nuked my server network (aka did rm -r on all server folders, oops) and haven’t managed to fix it by myself.

I have a network of servers consisting of the Velocity proxy and a Fabric server. The proxy server backs up just fine, but the Fabric server keeps failing to do the same.

Both are running on cron jobs, so I thought I did something wrong in one of them, but no, they work just fine. I also tried shutting down the Fabric server before running the cron job. Looking at this post, I’ve also tried removing and re-adding the backup folder for the specified server, also without much success.

Here’s what I found when looking at /var/log/mineos.log:

{“level”:“info”,“message”:“[SphericoMC_Vanilla] received request "backup"”,“timestamp”:“2023-08-23T04:17:44.686Z”}
{“command”:“backup”,“uuid”:“[UUID]”,“time_initiated”:1692764264685,“success”:false,“err”:1,“time_resolved”:1692764264796,“level”:“error”,“message”:“[ServerName] command "backup" errored out:”,“timestamp”:“2023-08-23T04:17:44.797Z”}
{“level”:“error”,“message”:“[ServerName] Error with get_increments true”,“timestamp”:“2023-08-23T04:17:44.927Z”}

I’m running MineOS on Turnkey with commit bd2e4d3.

EDIT: Updated MineOS to commit f492bb7. Still nothing.

aka did rm -r on all server folders

Go through the installation steps again.

Error with get_increments

Based on this, it is trying to do rdiff-backup to count the backups, but the expected file structure isn’t there: archives, backup, servers.

Rather than poke your way through to find what is botched, take the whole /var/games/minecraft, rename it to something else, e.g., /var/games/mc.old. Then act as if it is the first time installing MineOS.

Once you get it back up and running, you should then be able to:

a) use the import function with a previously-created archive
b) copy your existing world into a new server, created in the new fs.

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Oh no sorry, I already recovered most of the stuff through a restore point when I nuked the servers.

That means I’ll have to go with option B to keep the data intact. I will update you when I go through it.

UPDATE: The operation is a success! I successfully transplanted all the critical data from the old to the new server and the restore point feature is back up and running! Thank you very much for the help.

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