Automatic boot and shutdown

I am running MineOS Turnkey on a HP Proliant DL360 g4p in my dorm room. I want to have the physical server (not just the minecraft server) automatically shut down at 11:00 PM and boot up at 11:00 AM. Is this possible?

Automatically shutting down a server at a given time is rather easy, through the use of the shutdown command or crontabs, features available to almost all Linux distributions. As you’ll see noted in many of the comments, however, this is not really a recommended practice for a number of reasons.

That said, I can’t think of any means to boot up a server–how would it know it should boot up, while shut down?

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I have never tried creating a server that automatically boots up and shuts down but you might wanna look into “wake on plan”

Or perhaps get someone who knows how to use Linux pretty well to look into it (aka not me)

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Oooh, I’ve definitely never heard of this sort of mechanism before! “wake on plan” seems to utilize what’s called RTC Alarm or ACPI wakeups, something I’ve never heard of until now.

Unfortunately, as almost 100% of my desktop/server Linux exposure is in virtual machines…I’m in no place to test what I’ve read.

That said, it is supported from Linux kernels 2.6.22 or later, which is very likely the case for all modern Linux installs (MineOS Turnkey ships with 3.14). If anyone does give it a shot, please report back your experience!

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