Auto reboot after power failure

I was just wondering how I could enable auto reboot after a power failure for my server (if it can even be done). My server is a old laptop that sits on a high shelf with the display closed and after the power goes out it’s kinda a pain to get up there and turn it back on.

Though this is not MineOS-specific issue at all, I would recommend following:

  1. Check out laptop’s BIOS (press F2 or Del after power-on or somehow else - check your manual, if any) for power options like behaviour after power loss, but this is unlikely to find such features on laptop.
  2. Check if laptop can be powered on using Wake-On-LAN (BIOS settings again and software on another PC) - this option seems to work only if computer was powered off properly - so look for Linux software that will shut down laptop on low battery.
  3. This is like mission impossible - you can build a device, like a piston, that will press power button on your laptop after power is restored)))
  4. Consider replacing laptop with Mini-ITX case, for example, its more likely to have Power-On after failure feature on Mini-ITX motherboards.
  5. Connect laptop to a big UPS - if power outages do not last more than a day )))
  6. Replace laptop’s battery - if power outages do not last more than a hour )))

Anyways, laptops are not supposed to be used as servers at all.

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