ATM7 mineOS turnkey issues

Hi there,

I put the Turnkey mineOS on a spare Desktop I had and got access to the webui just fine.

I didn’t see that you can download curse modpacks so I downloaded the server pack for ATM7. installed it according to another post, SSH into my other pc and run “java -jar --installServer”

let that run, gave it a bit of time.

Under the java settings, I made sure to choose the Forge file provided in the server files.
My system has 32gb of ram, just for the sake of make sure I had enough I put 16gb as mx.

0 java arguments.

I hit start, it starts up for like 5 seconds then stops. I see no log formed.


If I go into the server folder and run the “” it runs perfectly fine, was able to have me and my friends hop on and it ran perfectly.

just trying to figure out why I can’t do it with the Webui

I have made sure that I did everything as the mc user. and double checked the user:group of the files.

Im at a lost on whats up.

Any help or ideas are appreciated. willing to try it all atm :smiley: