Apt-get update returns 404 Not Found error

Continuing the discussion from Deploying PocketMine on MineOS:

I’m not sure why you’re receiving this error–this error is usually experienced when running very outdated distros; "Wheezy–which is what MineOS Turnkey is based on–is the current version so that’s surprising its showing up.

Another reason it may show up is if something were wrong on the connectivity/server end. Going to those URLs (the ones in your error message do work currently. Perhaps there was an issue at the time?

Try apt-get update again and see if you’re getting any new responses, because those URLs are valid and wheezy is current, and I’m running out of ideas already…

I don’t suppose checking the IP address would yield a little more info?

Thanks, I got that resolved by just waiting and trying again.

I’m now having trouble at the last two steps:

  1. Verify the mc logs are reported in the server console and it works.
    The console does not show the server starting, even though the webUI shows the server status as online. I can start and stop the server with the webUI, but the console never updated. The last record in the console is when I stopped it during set-up through the command line

  2. Open up the new server port in iptables, default 19132.
    I’ve never done this, but I looked it up online. I can now see the port using canyouseeme.org.
    The command I ran was iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 19132 -j ACCEPT

Last question: once this is working, how do I get there from the Minecraft app on the iPad? Will it just show up the same way as it does when someone else is playing on the same network?

I have noticed that the console doesnt update until you sign out and back in with your unprivileged user (MC).
Even then from time to time (several hours) it seems to stop updating and I have to sign out and back in with the unprivileged user again to see what is in the console.

Is this a question or a statement?
Looks like you added the port correctly in iptables.

Yes it should, but havent had a chance to test it.

Yay, it works.
The last step I wa missing was adding the upd port to the iptables

iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 19132 -j ACCEPT

The server now shows on the iPad

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