Anyway to change the Server IP Address and 8080 to just a Domain Name?

Anyway to change the Server IP Address and 8080 to just a Domain Name? Might be a confusing question, but for example…:

Current way to connect to panel:
I want to change it so it connects and shows as

Any way to do this? I’ve set it up so I can do the panel domain name, but when I connect it switches to the IP address. Can I make it so it only shows the domain name.

Having go to is a function of domain names and you will need to purchase a domain name from a registrar in order to accomplish this.

Once you own a domain, e.g.,, the registrar who sells it to you will typically have a control panel which allows you to set up subdomains, such as

By setting up an A record in this control panel to point to your home IP address, you can then entirely circumvent the IP address bit in your browser and in the Minecraft client itself.

However, since IP addresses are known to change unexpectedly, often this is addressed with dynamic dns, for which there are many free providers. Dynamic dns providers often will provide a piece of software you’ll install on your machine which updates the provider with your external IP on a regular basis, and thus no matter how often your IP changes, your DNS remains constant. This is an extra, non-compulsory feature, but is often very convenient. In fact, many dynamic dns providers offer free sub-domain names which mean you can get, for example, (made up). This alleviates the need to spend money buying a domain, but forces you to use a domain name branded by another company.

Second issue :8080 port.

Not having to type in the port number is a function of SRV records, which gets a bit more involving (but not that involving if you understand the DNS control panel you have). Mostly, I’d work on getting just the domain working first, then move on to SRV records, which will allow you to do exactly what you’re asking:

Well it seems like your domain is set to a 301 redirection which means it forwards you to the IP address instead of showing the domain in the address bar. You’ll have to change that but it varies on where you got the domain from. To drop the port, you’ll need to change the MineOS webui port to port ‘80’ in it’s configuration (I believe it’s under “/usr/games/minecraft” and it’s filename starts with MineOS). Note you will need root access to change the configuration, and one changed, restart the MineOS service.