Any updates on Mine OS MCBE so far?

has there been any progress on Mine OS Bedrock Edition so far? was hoping to get it up and going some time after black Friday so i can get friends the game, any how if there has been any progression(even if an unreleased build) let me know thanks :slight_smile: last i heard about this was over a month ago

None, soå far Mojang / Microsoft has only released the one alpha version of the server, that we disussed earlier. There where too many unknown dependencies to add this as a stock and stable release fo all MineOS users. See for example the number of help request for FTB servers, that are stable…

In addidtion Mojang / Microsoft opted for a compiled server software, which means that MineOS will not be able to control it in the same degree as java and php servers. F.ex. we will not be able to manage memory settings…

We are still monitoring this, but until they release a more finished product, this will only be available to those of us that are able to set this up manually, and even then we will not see it in MineOS.

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thanks for the fast reply! hoping that mojang microsoft releases more info soon or at all… hope you had a good thanksgiving keep up the good work

In addition to @iMelsom, it appears that the official release is distro-specific; on the website it is labelled as “SERVER SOFTWARE FOR UBUNTU”, which makes it an even harder sell for MineOS (which at least hopes to work across all distros).

Update: it appears that this current release actually runs nicely on my Fedora box (the one I use to develop MineOS, currently), and as a result I made a few commits that make MCBE actually work under MineOS.

I’m thankful that the code I used to get jarfiles running was so generalize-able that making MCBE work in MineOS was like five lines of code.

At any rate, the normal restrictions still apply: as a non-java based server, it lacks the ability to do ram caps and floors (XMX and XMS), so while it is operable, it is definitely not first-rate control.

edit: clarification–this is on MineOS-ruby, which is likely not the update you were looking for. I maybe can take a look at this on mineos-node, later.

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Any update on bringing this feature to mineos-node? It’s something I’m interested in using there. I’d use Ruby but it’s my understanding there is no web GUI at the moment? If mineos-ruby is in a usable state, I can switch to that. If implementing the ability in mineos-node is something that you feel can be accomplished by someone with entry level JS experience, I can possibly contribute.

Thanks in advance,