Android (iphone) app

Currently with ie and chrome the Web gui has “authentication” risk warrning. Not to big of a deal to skip. Also major problems with the new Microsoft edge.
So I would love to see an app (android and iphone) which has both gui interfaces and sftp support.
A new bonus features would be sending commands to the mineos for updates and installing of new items and such.
I use Web gui at home and away. So I use two different ip addresses. Perhaps being able to select 1 or more wifi ssid for “home” and would automatically switch ip addresses if on or not on selected networks.

There are many other options we could probably as to this as well. I understand this would not better the server performance and might not be a top priority. But if even a 3rd party would be willing to work ok it. I don’t have enough knowledge to make app (yet)

Historically, making things look nice on IE meant at the expense of good, compliant code. Edge I suspect is not much different, so I’d simply recommend any other browser.

No plans for this. I don’t have any real experience developing apps, but definitely not enough man-hours to maintain them. I also don’t have an Apple developers license. For the most part, I hope that using the browser for the webui should suffice. Why would you need SFTP support on a phone app?

As long as it stays open source, I’d be happy to contribute toward somebody starting up a project for this. In the meantime though, there’s plenty of improvement that the normal webui could use so that’s where I’m focusing my efforts.

Edge is surprisingly quick and modern. I would compare it more to Chrome than IE. It dephinitly adheres to modern standards! – Under IE, it still has quite a ways to go in terms of HTML5 compliance.

Looks like Edge (12) scores lower than Chrome 28, which debuted July 2013.

Edge 13 had a big improvement (50 points) though you’re right in that its still realitvly bad compared to Chrome (only 15 points behind FF 40 surprisingly though)!