Amlogic s905w x96 android tv

hey there.

i have a x96 android tv, with a amlogic s905w, my question is can i install mineOS on it?

Short answer: Not without major rework, tuning, and adjustments.

MineOS is an open source node.js server, and as long as you have ALL prerequisites running (correct node, javascript, webserver, screen and so on) running, you might be able to tweak it to run. It would be a lot of work though, and you most likely would find that it would have way to little hardware resources to do anything meaningful. The recommended specs for a dedicated minecraft server is quite high:, on top of that you need to have spare resources for MineOS and the OS itself.

MineOS is written to run on a *nix style OS. Althoug Android has a lot of *nix in it’s core, it is also highly customiced and specialised.

but then again: If you go at it with the mentality of “Can it run Doom?” you might be able to tweak, adjust and reprogram MineOS enough to run.