Am I running an outdated version?

Here’s what mine looks like -

I followed the shit online to download it so I don’t know why it would be outdated if it is.

If it is outdated is there an easy way to update or will I need to do all that stuff again?

Also, if this is the newest version how do I download spigot?


Yo. I don’t have profiles on the said I a tried to update and it said I was up to date

I have to put this so it wont say its too close ignore

I have to manually put a download link

Well I have no profile to make one

I followed this. Is it cause I’m using ubuntu 15.04

sorry this shit is not responding

How do I fix this? Is it cause of the ubuntu 15.04?

(Not “replying” again sorry)

How do I download this to my server? Sorry I’m new to all this running a minecraft server on a VPS stuff

Just help me get the most updated stuff please :blush:

Not sure I understand

I work on my Macbook but I pay monthly for a VPS. I have the “VPS 2016 SSD 1” package on OVH.

You got it exactly right

NP, thanks tho :blush:

MineOS is the brand name. It is widely released as an installable Linux distro named “MineOS Turnkey”.

For those who have existing Linux installations, you can install the MineOS webui manually using the instructions on the wiki:

Installing MineOS (nodejs version) on Ubuntu 15

Installing MineOS (python version) on Ubuntu 15

You installed the Python version; this version was written many years ago and is still available online just for posterity. You want instead the NodeJS version, which is the one written more recently and the only one that still being regularly updated.

If you’ve watched the youtube video for MineOS, you’re seeing the NodeJS version.

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I’m not sure I understand your request.