Am I missing something? (Installing MineOS-Node on LXC container)

Hi, I’m having trouble setting up mineos-node on a Linux container. I’ve been looking through the forum and I haven’t found a solution. More than likely I’m missing something obvious and need another set of eyes–my setup isn’t the usual one so any help would be much appreciated.

My MineOS-Node host is at address

Able to access the webui at

I am unable to access the webui at When I run as root the webui listens to port 8443, which I also cannot access.

curl produces:

Moved Temporarily. Redirecting to /admin/index.htmlaaron@homeserver

Curl-ing port 8443 hangs indefinitely.

I did notice running as root does not switch the behavior, port 8080 is refused while port 8443 continues to hang.

My setup:

Home server ( which hosts the containers.
Standard LXC networking setup (lxbr0 bridge).
A container for MineOS-Node, mineos-main (ubuntu 14.04).
A route to my home server for the subnet.

The containers have access to the WAN, LAN machines can access the containers via their addresses, and containers cannot access the 192 subnet.

I installed mineos-node using the instructions on Github, and EIPres’s post.
One thing I’m not sure of, starting the webui in the foreground without sudo/root only prints two lines then stops indefinitely:

Could not locate required SSL files /etc/ssl/certs/mineos.{key,crt}, starting HTTP server
MineOS webui listening on *:8080

Could the webui be failing to fully start? I think netstat is showing that it’s listening to 8080:

# netstat -a
Active Internet connections (servers and established)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State      
tcp        0      0 *:http-alt              *:*                     LISTEN 

... (other stuff. Nothing related to port 8443) ...

Using sudo/root for running mineos produces the same results, except port 8443 is listening instead of http-alt.

Any ideas? I was hoping to eventually put the webui behind a reverse proxy in another LXC container.

Thanks - Aro

It means you need to run these lines:

chmod +x

This generates the self-signed SSL that make the server host on port 8443, turns off 8080 (you wouldn’t want that port, preferably). Regardless of which port, the webui should be run as root.