Altering MineOS user permissions

Hi, Im very new to MineOS, and linux in general really. My issue however, is that I’m trying to create a minecraft server, with certain groups having access to console & reboot permissions. Is there a way with MineOS that I could create a group with only access to those options? If not, is there a way I can install McMyAdmin, or something similar alongside MineOS? I’ve been able to install mcma on the server, although it of course as its own separate minecraft folder and everything. Or do I have to just go ahead and write something on my own for altering access? :confused:

  • Thanks, and sorry if it sounds derpy… bit tired, and flustered atm .-.

MineOS and mcmyadmin kinda overlap when it comes to functionality. Using both, therefore, isn’t practical (or possible).

They have incompatible conventions of managing servers, so unfortunately one or the other.

thanks for the quick reply, and I kinda figured that would be the case with mcma :confused: but am I able to manipulate the permissions in MineOS to only give users access to certain features, such as reboot & console as I mentioned?

In MineOS, permissions are all or none, really. So if a user has user-ownership or group-ownership, they can do all things with the server.