Altered MOD config file keeps reverting

Hey Guys

So I’m betting it’s something simple I’m missing here, when I go into the servers config file section of my FTB server which is under /var/games/minecraft/servers/servername/config/enderio/recipes/ and alter the file spawner.xml. Everything seems to save just fine, then I start the server and notice the spawner.xml file gets overwritten and reverts to before I made any adjustments.

How do you update config files properly so it will save and apply on the next server boot?

Thanks for the help.

There’s no functionality in MineOS that would automatically overwrite any of the existing files or config. The closest thing would be if you manually invoked a restore point, which I’m sure you’re not doing (otherwise it wouldn’t surprise you it’s overwriting).

That said, what are you using to change the file?

Can you confirm from reopening the file (but before relaunching the server) that the file changes actually stick?

You can also look at the timestamps:

  1. does the timestamp change after your attempted config modification?
  2. does the timestamp change after the server launch?

#1 should definitely happen, #2 is up to your server, and it may be that the server itself is reverting something, I cannot say.

Thanks for replying! :smiley:

Definitely not issuing a restore, merely doing a stop and save, adjust the config, then start.

I’m using WinSCP to access the file structure of the MineOS system and navigate myself to the areas that hold my servers. From there I can open the config file of my choice via built in editing, and issue a save from that.

I have issued the server shut down and confirmed it down before editing, then once down and confirmed I edit my file (spawner.xml) and save my work. I see the edit time stamp change as it should compared to all other files. I then open it after wards to confirm I see my changes and I do. Then I disconnect my WinSCP session and issue a server start. The changes have not taken effect… I went back in via WinSCP and see that all time stamps have been overwritten with the new time frame, fine I guess it has updated due to the server reading the file. When I open the file after server is back up and running I see my changes have reverted to the original state…

So this leads me to believe I’m editing the wrong file and it’s pulling the info from somewhere else or something of that nature…

Fun ay?

I’ve seen this ‘weird’ behavior in the past, the modpack (something or some particular file from it) rewrites or overwrites the file either no matter what on every startup or if the file doesn’t match; you’ll need to do some digging to see if you can locate that config file inside of any jar files and if you do update/overwrite it there, that way if it does overwrite it will be overwritten with what you entered/stored (well replaced) in that jar file.

How does one extract a jar file to see the contents within?

You can open and view their contents pretty much like a normal .zip file, whether that’s opening with an archive viewer or renaming the file extension from jar to zip

I’ve pulled the JAR file down for a review, there’s so much in here and i’m not sure where to look to find this config file it might be pulling to replace the one i’ve tried to edit.

Can anyone offer some guidance?