Allow multiple groups to edit same server

I made 3 servers. I have staff who helps me with my servers. Staffs are in 2 groups, root(head staff who i trust the most) and admins( limited permissions) group root can all see those servers but Admins group cannot see. How cann i allow Admins group to see server owned by root group ?

Admins and root are two separate groups so admins would never really be able to see root-owned groups, at least not the way Linux is designed.

But what you’re trying to accomplish actually works the reverse way: the people who you want to see all of them should be given their own group and then assigned supplementary groups admins and root.

So, user will should be of group will. will should also be groups to admins and root (because you can totally trust that guy).

And user Eve should be of group eve and additionally of group admins. This way she has access to any of her own servers, and then also any group owned by admins (and no access to root-owned groups).

Something like this would accomplish it:

usermod -G admins will
usermod -G root will
usermod -G admins Eve

Thanks mate:D
I have another question too. I used to host my server with a mc hosting service and they used MineOS. Their MineOS panel had net2ftp ftp. How can i integrate it with MineOS too? Ive been trying to do it for hours but no luck :(. I find it much easier to make smaller edits to server files through browser ftp than using separate ftp clients. Any help would be nice.

I’m not familiar with net2ftp, but it is just a web-based ftp client, so there isn’t (at least to my knowledge) any way to “integrate” it, but they definitely can work alongside each other. How net2ftp would be configured so that it would operate like your previous mc hosting service though would take a bit of time and effort to get into, but it most certainly is possible for it to be installed and work with the files/directories that MineOS makes on Linux.