Adduser within web for FreeBSD

i’ve notice that on the platform FreeBSD you cannot add server from root, to integrate this as a feature you will require to do:

pw useradd -n tom -s /bin/csh -m (this function will add username tom)
echo new-password | pw mod user tom -h 0 (this as function will setup the password for username tom)

i believe it should not be very hard to do it as implementation to panel, do let me know if this would be possible.

Adding servers with the root user is not recommended in any distro, since this leads to strange beahviour. The stock MineOS ISO’s come with a non priviledges user “mc” for this use.

This has been mentioned a few times before, and is considered for each generation of MineOS. Here is the previous one : The next version of MineOS.

There are several things here:

  • The first being that MineOS node is now in a feature freeze, since he has currently switched focus to the next generation MineOS.
  • Secondly MineOS relies the OS’s user management system, and relies on MineOS users to have a minimum of linux knowledge. MineOS was made as a WebUI to manage minecraft servers, not the underlying OS. For OS management there are several WebUI’s out there that does that better, like Webmin, that actually comes bundled in most of the ISO’s, even though it is disabled by default (to have the base MineOS ISO installation have as small a footprint memory and resource wise as possible).

A user management panel is therefore not likely to happen for the current version of MineOS (MineOS node).

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