Adding new Profiles to MineOS

I’m doing some work on Profiles right now, which means that this particular behemoth will be in my headspace for the next few days.

If there are any profiles that need to be modified–or added to the list of supported MineOS profiles–please let me know now! I’m willing to examine any and all readily downloadable server packs, modpacks, and etc.

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Would it be possible to remove unwanted profiles from the WebUI?

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I’d say, likely not. It’s one, single HTTP request per profile which is pretty low-impact, in general. And creating a mechanism to hide them doesn’t seem like it’ll be as fruitful to design and code.

EDIT: @fornaxbeowulf wait, did you mean to delete them from the filesystem?

Because if so, then yes, I will look into this. I thought you meant to hide unwanted (unused) profiles. I’ll see about the deleting!

Alright, looks like this isn’t a big priority out there. I’ll probably close this.