A little help please

Hi all, I am trying to set up a server for my son, as he loves this game, I have purchased a dedicated server from OVH and installed the MineOS via there pre installed options.

I have set up a profile and game server, but I cant seem to connect to it, it is showing as being there from the multi player option on the actual game.

And I can join other games on the server list, but not mine.

So could one of you minecraft guru’s please try and join so at least I know if it is my game or the server

The profile is vanilla183 what ever that means.

Any help or advice would be appreciated, I’m just trying to make my 8 year old happy.

Thanks in advance


Hi mnporter2001, works fine for me.

Hey, If I wasn’t in school and if I could play Minecraft right now, then I would. I would be happy to help you out with the server and give you pointers.

My IGN is: stevethekid3