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Hello MineOS-Community,
I have an old PC with 2 GB Ram (Ya… dont ask me how I got that :blush:), so its 32-Bit… But the newest Version of MineOS 32-Bit looks like it isnt as new as the 64-Bit Version… I didn´t install MineOS yet so I dont know if it is the newest Version or not but the 32-Bit Version doesnt have as much MB as the 64 Version… Is there a newer 32-Bit Version of MineOS?

IMHO you can not go wrong even with an older 32bit. Look, the work done by users of your server can be husbanded in such a way that you will never loose data.

Do it, take care of it and when you get a better system all your data can be transferred, no drama. If you don’t trust me then perhaps others can testify? Dunno but I am certain 32bit work can be transferred to a 64bit system later.

Good Luck!

Ok so I burned the 32Bit ISO on to a Bootable Disc but if I go into the Boot Menu and select Disc-Drive (or something Similar) its just a blank black screen, and after about 10 seconds it boots into Windows XP (Yaaa… As I explained earlier the PC is very old) EDIT: And I trust you, because you are posting VERY much on this Forum :blush:

And i dont know if this is the Problem but i have only One HDD in the PC and Windows XP is already installed on it :confused: Is this the Problem… I mean i dont really need XP xD

Well, that is not going to work at all.

Ok, so what do I have to do? Wipe my HDD? That wouldnt be a problem. I would trash the PC if i cant use it for anything, so i basically cant do anything wrong

There you go, right attitude. Make that PC a server to serve files, so to speak. Yes, wipe the HDD. But you have to know you need the driver for your system.

The MineOS is not going to provide drivers for every sytem on the planet, so you might want to look at windows server and what version will suit your system? Then serve MineOS off of that system. Maybe, dunno.

Speaking of drivers I dont know the Driver of my PC, so I just Google it liek this? [Computer Name] Driver; And i think there will be more than one Driver, which one? Sorry I am kind of a noob in Server Things or anything thats not a “Normal” PC :wink: EDIT: Oh I began to write the Post before you posted the last reply

This is true–Turnkey Linux, the platform upon which MineOS is built and distributed–decided to stop support for 32-bit ISOs. This means that the 64-bit installation is indeed more modern than what the 32-bit version is.

In Debian terminology, 64-bit MineOS is built on Debian “Jessie” and 32-bit is built on Debian “Wheezy”, two different releases.

Let me clarify what’s different between these two and how you can address it.

Jessie release

  • Comes with Java8 (openjdk)

Wheezy release

  • Comes with Java7 (openjdk)

The webui that backs both releases is the same (you should update the webui in both installations, and it’ll end up at the same place).

Both releases will be maintained by Debian and kept security-updated.

If you’re using an old PC with only 2GB of RAM, it is–surprisingly–recommended to use 32-bit releases. This is because Minecraft doesn’t use 64-bit any more efficiently than 32-bit; 64-bit actually has greater memory overhead (read as: you get less for your server).

Of course, there is a practical difference between OpenJDK8 and OpenJDK7; OpenJDK8 most certainly can be installed on the 32-bit Wheezy, but I’d personally recommend just taking the plunge to Java8 (oracle) and you’d be better off with 5 minutes of work with Wheezy/Oracle Java8 than Jessie/OpenJDK8.

For clarity, there are two different kinds of Java. OpenJDK, the kind I’m legally allowed to distribute and Oracle Java, the kind that is recommended by Mojang (Microsoft) and must be installed by the end-user himself or herself.

TLDR: the only component that will have any real impact on your server’s performance doesn’t come with either MineOS distro and the 32-bit is preferable to 64-bit when using memory capacities under 4GB.

Just wipe the HDD.
The MineOS Tunrkey ISO should have all the drivers you need included.

Another path is ignoring the ISO, and go to (for example) ubuntu:
The Ubuntu ISO should have most drivers included or available

Then install MineOS on top of that: HOW TO: install MINEOS-NODE on UBUNTU SERVER 14.04.2 (this is for Ubuntu server, but it should be more or less the same method for Ubuntu desktop)

I’d reccomend going the MineOS Turnkey 32bit way first though.

Ok thanks to ALL Replys I will test it out now and reply if i suceeded or failed… Thank you <3

I hope this works, but I have to ask what are the goals here.

Is this going to serve 50 users? Like me 2 children? I mean all is OK, but with 2 gb ram and a win98 hardware system we must be serving files to only himself? Can I be that wrong?

Input is welcome.


I want to host a Server for me and my classmates (modded) and if I host a Server on the PC i play with i get HUGE server Lags :confused:
EDIT: So there will be like 7-10 Users
EDIT 2: And i choose MineOS, because i want to use the full power of my Ram :smiley:

IMHO you are under powered.

Thanks and best regards.


LEL xD I´ll jsut give it a try :slight_smile:

See what you can do. Way to go, never give up.

Best of Luck.

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So I returned from the dead, and installed MineOS kinda sucessfully. Note: Since the 32 Version didnt work i installed 64 and it worked flawlessly… But! I have a Fritz Wlan Stick (German) and i think mineos doesnt recognize it… At least i get an error in the automatic process…

OK, so I found something that SHOULD help me, but it didnt… [https://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/support/20110606/wifi-turnkey-linux] Basically, the forum tells me I should plug in LAN (Which I did but my main PC didnt have LAN at this time :confused: ) , and go in root and type:
apt-get update
apt-get install wireless-tools wpasupplicant

Still doesnt work :frowning:
Anybody able to help me?

Interesting here:


Says your server should see it as a cd, load drivers then eject, remounts as a usb donglle.

i’ve no experience with this tho.

good luck again!