1.18.2 on MineOS - Not starting

Hey guys, been working at this for a while but no results.
Created the MineOS instance, all good there (finally), updated to openjdk 18.
Created the forge 1.18.2 profile and using that to start the server.
Starting server, servers shuts down after a couple of seconds, no logs or event view.
Any ideas?

MineOS doesn’t natively support the newest forge versions (the ones missing the jar in the server directory). You need to do a little fiddling to get it working, follow my directions in the link, you need to use your own values and substitute your forge version.

What i have struggled the most was getting the universal file since they do not supply (directly) anymore. I did not realize it was created afterwards!
I am assuming that = localhost

As of right now, it did NOT shut off, but it got stuck at the first line of "Preparing level “world”. Anything else that I should do?

Not quite, I’m fairly sure means bind all IP addresses on port 25565.

Not sure, wait a bit longer? means any IP-adress this computer may have, or in IT-lingo: “Listen to all network interfaces” is the internal network interface (or localhost)