[1.18.2 forge] Modded server not starting

So i just switched to TrueNAS/MineOS for a personal 1.18.2 server, however due to forge’s stupid decision to not put the jars in the root folder it doesn’t work out of the box.
I need help jury-rigging forge to work.

before anyone asks yes i did try the solution in Minecraft Forge 1.18.1 No Targetable Jar to no avail

Then you may have the wrong java version- if you did it correctly.

i’m using java 17.0.5 should i be using something else?

Try java 18 for 18. Need 20 chars to post

no dice still only comes up for a second before shutting down without leaving a latest.log

What’s in the Mineos.log? Located in /var/logs/

do you want the whole thing? or just the bit at the end?

here is a link to the github gist for the log: https://gist.github.com/Kitsune-Ultima/d99415cb6f6273d7079e5833dc566d6c

You’re trying to launch your server on 29865?
Try it on 25565 to test if it’s a port thing.

no change in behavior, just to confirm the 1.18.2+ forge setup process is as follows:

  • Install forge
  • copy forge-1.18.2-[forge-ver]-universal.jar from /libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.18.2-[forge-ver]
  • paste forge-1.18.2-[forge-ver]-universal.jar into server root
  • copy java arguments from run.sh
  • paste java arguments into “additional java arguments” field in WebUI
  • set runnable jar to forge-1.18.2-[forge-ver]-universal.jar
  • start server

Login using ssh, navigate to the server directory and use the run.sh to try and launch your server.


Does it work?
Please post results here.

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{“level”:“info”,“message”:“[name] transmittting existing file contents: logs/latest.log (9143 bytes)”,“timestamp”:“2022-11-23T01:36:17.252Z”}

{“level”:“error”,“message”:“[name] Error with get_increments true”,“timestamp”:“2022-11-23T01:36:17.445Z”}

{“level”:“info”,“message”:“[name] issued command : "stop"”,“timestamp”:“2022-11-23T01:36:18.193Z”}

Looks like the server is starting then stopping and is generating a latest.log file you might want to upload this too as it may hold some clues.

Found out it was one of my mods that had copied incorrectly, which fixed the startup issue i was having

in conclusion if you followed the instructions by @ElPres you shouldn’t have any issues, if you do, make sure that all of your files copied over correctly. Hope this helps the next person that comes in search of assistance