1.14.4 doesn't work

when trying to download minecraft_server.1.14.4.jar the webui says: Download failed
Remote server did not return minecraft_server.1.14.4.jar (status 403)
and when i download it from minecraft.net and put it in the profiles folder the server just doesn’t start.
please help me

Wait, is this turnkey or on a distro?

(Is it installed as a operating system or on a operating system such as ubuntu)

turnkey, as a operating system

hm, yeah i also had some connection issues with turnkey once though that was on a centos kvm vm.

i have this exact broblem any solutions?
please reply

This is probably due to an outdated version of MineOS.

Please do the following to update:

Thank you! I will ask further if i have any broblems.

i updated it now everything looks super weird everything looks like this and doesnt work

{{ servers_up() }}

{{ players_online() }}

{{ host_heartbeat.uptime | seconds_to_time }}

{{ host_heartbeat.freemem | bytes_to_mb }}

This user had the same problem: Updated Web-UI got broken

For him it was a java incomatibility. It may be your java needs updating as well.

Thanks! ehem how do i do that

You can try the commands listed here: https://manpages.debian.org/stretch/java-common/update-java-alternatives.8.en.html