_cp_username when trying to create spigot profile

Hi I’m trying to create a spigot profile. I already ran the buildfile, copied the resulting spigot jar into the servers directory and setup an unmanaged profile with the right file name and everything. But whenever I click submit I get the message _cp_username in the bottom right corner of the webui in red and it doesn’t do anything. I have found no information anywhere on google or this site as to what that message is supposed to mean.

I assume it’s a permissions error? Which is strange because I have permissions to the entire minecraft directory. I can easily delete/copy/move create files in any of the subdirectories from the linux file explorer. I have full 777 recursive permissions on the /minecraft directory with the group owner of sudo. My user account belongs to the sudo group and the web-ui confirms that I am part of the sudo group and that sudo group has permissions for profiles. I tried manually adding it to the profiles.config file but the new profile doesn’t show up in the webui.

Well I figured it out. For anyone who stumbled upon this you have to make sure that your user account has both the primary and secondary group set to whatever group has access to the directory. If you only set your primary group it won’t work. This seems to be a bug.