WebUI external access


If he can’t get it give me the details :slight_smile:


Open up 22 as well. Make sure you save and apply all your changes


We’re trying to set up a WebEx conference if you want to join us. No audio, but we’ll conference using the in-app chat.


So, no one is talking in the PM, are you guys in webex? hows it going?


For those interrested, a quick update.

The forwarding bit is setup ok.
When we run a MC server on the client it runs just fine. and we can access it from the web.
Once we setup anything on the server it’s not accessible from the web.


It’s not the server. It’s the forwarding. The server works fine internally.


Are you ready to WebEx again, @ElPres?


yep, just finished lunch


…lunch. Not what I was expecting to hear. XD It’s 22:25 here.


Yeah, throw you off a bit. I am in Australia.


I’m connected but I don’t see your screen yet


I connected the screen sharing stuff now.


So, the actual issue is that his ISP blocks ports and had to previously get them to open 25565. The forwarding works but it wasn’t getting there because of the modem (controlled by the ISP) or ISP blocking them.


If you’re not the only one who smelled something fishy this whole time, you’ve got a good nose.

@ElPres and @Niels_Hanssen helped me out, with Niels ruling out the possibility of a firewall issue and ElPres, after hours of work, pinning it on the ISP (and their obnoxious custom of locking everything). I’ll call up the Customer Support in the morning (oh wow it’s almost that time again; 23:53) or maybe the upcoming Thursday or Saturday or something.

I just need them to set it up exactly like my 25565 Minecraft port.


You could consider, asking them to open up the whole range. So you can use your own firewall to block everything, except certain ports.


My ISP is lousy. Goodness. I still haven’t gotten them to open 10000 and 12321. They’re gonna hear it tomorrow.


Ask them to open everything and you’ll manage it with your router


The reason ISP’s don’t open everything is because they don’t want you to run these services, ever. I’d be very interested to find out if his ISP said “Sure, all open, have fun”


In Australia I don’t have this issue.


Some apps need port triggering to be set in the router. It solved the issue for me. It works the same way as port forwarding. You set your port and protocols and that’s it.