Web-UI Page: didn’t send any data [FIXED]

I have a PowerEdge 2950 and I had problems with it connecting to the internet and being seen by my router so I tried many things to get it to work and I didn’t get anywhere. Then I decided to just do a temporary setup on a virtual machine on my gaming pc. The virtual machine was working good for my friends and I for a week but I would like the server to be on without my gaming pc on, so I went back to fixing the PowerEdge. I finally got it connected to the internet with some updates on a USB drive and I could finally see it on my router but now when I type in the IP address in the browser the page says

This page isn’t working
(server IP) didn’t send any data.

But I can connect to the server with FileZilla and PuTTY.
Anyone have any advice?

Is this Fixed? Or is that not meant to be in the header.

Can you confirm the webui is running?

Ways to check here: