Web-ui is not starting

When i try connect, it just does not load. Here is mineos.log file:

It seems as it is having some issue starting, any help is appreciated.

Is that really the entire log? Seems somehow way too short.

That said: “How do I know the webui is running?”

thats really all there is, its a fresh install and when i checked the logs, thats all it said

Run the reset_webui.js script, which will additionally tell us the status of your install, then. You can follow it up with the instructions from the link above.

Since it’s a fresh install that never worked, we might find that some of the critical nodejs libraries perhaps didn’t build and that is cause for the short loglength.

It works now, i ran the reset_webui.js script, still didn’t work, i then reset using the third method and it works now!!! Thanks for the help!!!