Unable to load WebUI but SSH works

Hi All,

My MineOS machine (running on TurnKey) has stopped loading the webUI and all game worlds after a power outage. I am able to SSH into the machine and have tried updating/reseting the webui using /bin/bash reset_webui.sh but to no avail. As far as i can see there are no errors in the MineOS log.
If a wipe/reinstall is needed I am OK with this since I was able to back up my world folders.
please let me know what other data might be needed.

The world folders are the most important.

You’ll need to check if the mineos service is running, I assume it’s not for some reason. I haven’t used turnkey so not sure how it manages it’s services.

using the standard debian systemctl status command returns no mineos service found
could turnkey use a different method?

I managed to get it up and running again. i had to update to JDK 17 (found here and then reset the webui again and it is working

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