Unable to connect to WebUI

I have set up MineOs using a Raspberry Pi 4 and Ubuntu. Then when I try connecting to the WebUI I get an error (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED), anyone know how to fix this?

First things first: do we know the webui is even up?

Take a look at this megathread and see if we can identify this is the case:

Are logs being created? /var/log/mineos.log

Let’s identify the issue at hand, and we can fix it presently.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but when I entered /var/log/mineos.log I got this:

root@ubuntu:~# /var/log/mineos.log
-bash: /var/log/mineos.log: No such file or directory

Did you do any of the other things to check if the webui is even running?

If that file doesn’t exist, the webui is likely not running, which means some steps in the installation did not complete correctly OR the webui package dependencies did not compile correctly.

cd /usr/games/minecraft
chmod +x reset_webui.js

Its saying that there is No such file directory and the other things to check either says Command not found or No such file directory.

root@ubuntu:/usr/games/minecraft# chmod +x reset_webui.js
chmod: cannot access ‘reset_webui.js’: No such file or directory
root@ubuntu:/usr/games/minecraft# ./reset_webui.js
-bash: ./reset_webui.js: No such file or directory

I did make a mistake, the file is called reset_webui.sh.

Its saying command not found

root@ubuntu:~# cd /usr/games/minecraft
root@ubuntu:/usr/games/minecraft# chmod +x reset_webui.sh
root@ubuntu:/usr/games/minecraft# ./reset_webui.sh
Script execution started on: Sat Apr 4 15:51:19 UTC 2020
Updating mineos-node repository…OK
Checking out master branch…Already on ‘master’
Resetting directory to official contents…OK
Deleting npm module dependencies and rebuilding…/reset_webui.sh: line 35: npm: command not found

npm is the package manager for NodeJS. It’s part of the installation instructions, but it does not appear that your system has that binary.

Check it as root simply with npm. If you get command not found, you’ll need to explore a way to install the Node Package Manager to your system (one tied to the installation of NodeJS you’re using).