Spigot servers wont run from webui

hello, i use mineOS turnkey and when i try to run any server with spigot, it wont start the server. i can run the server from SSH, but if i run it from the webUI, it tells me to select a jar/phar and even then, when i do, nothing happens. this happens on every server i have that runs spigot. it also wont build a new version from BuildTools.jar. tell me if i am breaking any rules and ill try to fix the issue


I poked around with Spigot recently and it’s a 4 step process.

  1. Download the buildtools
  2. Create your server
  3. Access the Spigot sidebar tab and copy the Minecraft server to the buildtools
  4. Set the Server Action jar file to the buildtools and the Java Profile to the Minecraft server you want to use.

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