[SOLVED] New install bare metal, noob

I installed MineOS to a bare metal machine, it formatted the hard drive installed itself, followed all the prompts per the online video.
server shows off line,
Ive figured out how to login to “root” and get command lines.

??however how do I access internet on the machine to setup the server on the Bukkit Dashboard?

I tried with my second computer to use Putty, but it always says my password is incorrect even though its the same and server numbers match.


About your login problem :

As a french user the password i choose in the install setup was written with QWERTY keyboard. But with the little ******** you couldn’t really see what append but test it on others text box you will see. But in the web interface, my regional seting choose AZERTY keyboard as default.

I remember my first time installing MINEOS was a little harder than expected !

Have you tried this?


Well, Im not 100% sure what I did but I got it running…

I reran the 64 bit installation this time the security update worked, and after that I ran that merge then I successfully tunneled with putty, and installed oracle java.

pretty much complete noob , blindly following utube videos, thanks guys.

now to figure out how to add maps with some sort of FTP app… I’ll probally screw the pooch here…

Change tes mots de passe via le Webmin, c’est ce que j’ai fait :wink:

Je te conseil aussi de regarder par ici : [SOLVED] Keymap keyboard

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Manadge files on MINEOS with GUI :

I use WINCSP for this purpose.
It’s a pretty usefull app for browsing and updload or download files on your MINEOS system.
Take a look to the authorisations setting if you can’t manadge to put file in a directory.

About the french keyboard :smile: :

Cela ne m’a pas posé soucis trop longtemps et c’était il y a un an depuis je vis avec !!
Par contre je ne savais pas que l’on pouvais changer le mot de passe via le webmin !!
Merci pour le tuyau.