Server Won't start

So. I have followed a tutorial and I am relatively new to Ubuntu Linux but I have some understanding as to what is going on. I have Java 16 installed and have created a server with MineOS. I have also agreed to the EULA and double checked the txt file just to be sure. I am using the runnable 1.18.1 jar and my version is 1.18.1 my Xms is 1024. Now all should be good but when I press start it does nothing. I would appreciate some help as I have done hours of troubleshooting just to get here but now I am stuck.

It’s a java mismatch thing. Minecraft 1.18+ needs java 17: Minecraft 1.18 + Java 1.17

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ah right, i thought 1.18 needed only java16. Well thanks a lot dude i will have a crack at it later.