Server (turnkey) keeps crashing


No, not really.
You can swap out parts with other parts, but not rearrange them.
You can have any OS you like, as long as it is within the linux family of OS’es, or at least that is where MineOS is now residing and working. I guess you could (if you have enough knowledge of Java, node, webservers and all that rewrite MineOS somewhat to work on a windows server, but for now it is made to work with a linux host.

In my outline I wrote Linux OS, with turnkey in parantesis since that is the one delivered in the preconfigured ISO’s. It was implied that you might use any Linux OS (Ubuntu, debian, redhat…). I’m not sure if you could tweak MineOS and Node easily to get it running on OSX (Macs) or Unix, but both of them share huge parts of their code and command base with linux.

(BTW: Apache is not a OS, Apache foundation that develops server software. They are mos known for their webserver, but they have a lot of other projects as well…)


You may also look into external cooling fans, checking and replacing or installing internal fans, or placing a small fan in front of the computer (or even opening it and facing a fan towards it, leaving it open…I actually used to run on a laptop that would overheat before I used it for MineOS (I was using Windows) and then I got a cooling fan/pad that made it somewhat better but not completely; then I opened it and cleaned the fans which is when it no longer needed the cooling pad but I left it there anyways just incase…then eventually I decided to remove the motherboard and hardware, place it on a table away from everything, and just have a normal fan blowing on it which actually worked perfectly but I’m not saying to follow what I did)


The server is running fine now. The bios has three option. 1. Shutdown on server heating. 2. Shutdown on cpu heating. 3. Smart fan control.

Default values are:

  1. off
  2. off
  3. on

So if something is getting to hot, nothing is done. And if the server,cpu gets hotter the fan will start cooling more.

The settings where, 1. on, 2. on and 3 on.

After installing lm-sensors i can now look at the temperature and rpm of the fans.

Looking at the info, the temperatures where normal, the fans were turning slowly. And than, in a split second, the fans were blowing at top speed, and the system shutdown.

I turned off option 1 and turned off option 3. So the fans are blowing ar top speed, and the server will ignore high temp of the server.

The server is running now for a week now without any problems and i’ve been monitoring the temperature. And the temp is in normal ranges.

I’ve done some playing around with ‘fancontrol’, but for now keep the fans on the highest RPM instead of controlling it by different temperatures.


Shutting down is the computer’s safety mechanism from self-inflicting damage. Simply turning those off is, in my opinion, the most dangerous option of all options.

It is up to you to do so, as you are the admin, but whatever the issue causing undue high CPU usage seems unsolved and worth solving still.