Releasing an updated ISO and update timeframes

Hi All,

It has been a while since I’ve been able to put in sufficient time into MineOS lately; my family has had a few hospitalizations that has made interacting-with-project-duties a bit too difficult.

So here’s what I’m hoping for, going forward:

  • I’m able to put in a bit of time here and there. I really want to focus on the code review from @Zachary_Baker and pull it into the mainline, because this might be one of the most critically important QOL improvements in years.
  • I want to produce a new ISO.

The thing is, I’ve set up my whole Turnkey buildbox, but I’m finding that the most recent Debian–Buster–has somehow broken the auth system.

That is, I can reliably see that /etc/password and PAM auth requests fail. Recently, I’ve introduced /test/test-passwords.js which allows very simple tests of the underlying systems’ auth operation. On Buster, (the TKL tkldev respin), none work out of box, and that has been 100% of the biggest blocker on having Java 17 shipped with the ISO.

If anybody is able to help me in troubleshooting this, I would really help the turnaround time. I hope that the output is straightforward, and that whether there are package installations required, node package version updates required, or code modification, anything that gets a successful pass (expected value == returned value) means I can make that be the primary auth of the ISO.

I hope to lastly, go through many more of the pull requests in the meantime, and we’ll see how this goes.

I hope all is well on your end, and I hope I can deliver some optimistic updates soon.



Sorry to hear about those family health issues. That is always rough. Hopefully they get better soon.

I’ll try to take a look at those auth issues but school started back up for me and that isn’t really me area of expertise.

Hi Will,
Hope you and your family can get through this tough time and back to steady times.

I read there was a change to yescrypt from sha512 (or something like that). I can have a look but also not my specialty.

Looks like it should be SHA512 still on Turnkey Core 16.1

Confirmed newest TKL 17 uses yescrypt - check /etc/pam.d/common-password

It can be changed back to SHA512 simply by changing that file where it says yescrypt to SHA512 (or, I think, change for a single user by using chpasswd -c SHA512 ). Looking into using PAM and yescrypt.
I would suggest doing that as there is no library that I could find that would allow easy hashing at this point in time.

Update your password if you change that setting.

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MineOS ISO now updated to be Debian Buster, confirmed working with Java 17.

Thank you @ElPres – I don’t see myself having discovered that in a timely manner at all, and this was all I needed!

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