Read-only user permissions?

Is there any way to create Web-UI (linux) user with ability to read console output and server state, but without access to any actions like start/stop/backup/send command to console?
I’ve created a new user and after login to Web-UI I cannot see any servers at all.
After adding it to ‘mc’ group I can see all servers and can send commands to console.

Unfortunately, this is not a function currently possible and it might require too much drastic change to the way the web-ui is designed to get it implemented in the current version.

It would be possible to create read-only users, but in doing so, I would be forced to move away from Linux-users, and instead have non-system, web-ui-only usernames, which could make for managerial headaches, but also a lot more granular control. Hopefully we’ll see a discussion bloom.

For the upcoming iteration, vote for this functionality in this poll.