MineOS-node released on Turnkey ISO


Ahh already did the apt-get upgrade (and dist-upgrade), thought there was more to it than that. Thanks for the quick reply, I have also updated my WebUI now!


Where would you post changelogs, and how can I get notification of new updates?


There’s no release schedule–all changes just show up on the github commit list. The expectation is that it is always the right time to update…no changes are expected in MineOS to remove any functionality, so everything is pretty much feature addition and security/performance enhancements.


What is the difference between regular MineOS and this MineOS? Should I switch over? I’ve been the original for a couple a months now, and absolutely love it. I gotta stay updated :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know,



I recommend you try out the mineos-node (new) in a virtual machine or a separate box. You can then test it out before you take down your normal, production server. LOTS has improved, but the two projects have different goals. The Python-based webui (hexparrot/mineos) was very memory-conscious and less-responsive (as far as the UI was concerned).

The Node-based webui (hexparrot/mineos) is not very memory-conscious, and will, in almost all circumstances take up more memory, sometimes in the range of 70MB+. Of course, 70MB isn’t really a lot, but that’s my viewpoint and many server admins see every MB as being vital. This memory, however, is the tradeoff for a number of various improvements that are only experienced in terms of convenience, such as the elimination of the confusing profile system (one click downloads for all server types), webui pages auto-refreshing, built in cron-jobs, and the fact that I only maintain this repo (because it’s much too much work to maintain both).


Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it.

Will the MineOS-Node work with Debian 8? Or is it still on Debian 7.*? I hope it works on Jessie, but I would be fine if it only worked on Wheezy.


MineOS-node is not geared toward any particular distro–it’ll work on ALL distributions, provided you meet the dependencies; see the wiki:


Sorry, I should have rephrased my question.
Does the new MineOS ISO have Debian 8 packed with it? Or is the ISO still on Debian 7?
Thanks for your help!

I changed the sources file and did a dist-update. T


Hi Hex parrot, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this application. I’m currently running MineOS Turnkey on an HP Proliant Server [ DL380 G4 ] I/m totally new to this linux thing and have accomplished to get the software installed and configured, my only problem is i can’t figure out how to up date it to your latest commit. Is it possible to give me a KIS breakdown, You know Keep it simple for a newbie to follow. Much appreciated.

the top menu where it says Root, the drop down menu shows this: git commit: 5e6ebb8


The wiki shows a step-by-step set of commands you’ll run as root to update MineOS.


Thanks, I’ll give it another try…


Did you not get that to work before?

Seeing as how its 4 commands, I’m not sure I can prune it down any further to make it more simple–did you get any errors when you did try?


I tried a week ago, i got some connection error, i though maybe it was something i was doing wrong or entered wrong.
Hmm can’t find the link in the wiki, i have it bookmarked at home, but i’m currently at work.
Never mind found it, this is the correct link right? https://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=Updating_the_Webui




Thanks , i’ll try again tonight. Once again thanks for all your help & dedication to this project.


If you run into an error, create a new thread and copy/paste in the output you get. The error will lead us directly to the solution.


Ok got home for lunch and ran the updater again this time it seems to work without a hitch! i now have a git commit of 110c591 Thanks so much.