Mineos isn't working on CentOS 8 after install with Node.js

I tried installing mineos on CentOS 8 with the node.js now. I tried using the convince installer after I tried manual. They both didn’t work when I typed in The local ip of the pc with port :8443. Thanks for helping.

I tried putting those commands in the command prompt in the terminal as root. They did nothing. I think what might be an issue is that I tried to install the phyton mineos before I tried to install the node.js mineos. When I boot it up it says my cpu (it names the cpu) has not undergone mainstream testing or something. If it’s a hardware issue, what are some distros that are easy to install mineos on?

List of all distros that have instructions.

(Probably works on more, but these are the ones that are viable server platforms).

After trying to get mineos on top of a distro, I tried to get the mineos iso like how it was working before. It didn’t work and seems to get stuck during installation. I tried installing the mineos iso onto the usb drive again, since it took an awfully short amount of time to download the iso the first time. Same issue though. It probably has something to do with having centos on it before but I don’t know how to uninstall/unmount CentOS. Here is an image of where it gets stuck.

It’s almost never worth troubleshooting the MineOS ISO, because it’s not as broadly supporting as almost any distro out there in terms of hardware support.

I recommend still sticking with mineos-atop-another distro, but if it gets stuck then the error from whatever command is the best thing to troubleshoot. I promise, the steps to install the webui on any Linux distro is almost always more straightforward and easily-solvable than any bootloader/installer troubleshooting.

I found another post that was very similar to the issue I had with this and then saw the solution was to use a dvd. Before I tried using rufus to put it on a usb stick. My computer had a built in dvd tray so I tried burning the iso to a dvd and it installed successfully.