Deploying PocketMine on MineOS


Did you do these things as root (any any point) or as the appropriate user? At least the following things are required for it to work:

All files and directories must not be owned by root, or else they won’t have sufficient privileges

Also, you have to have that dummy profile set up for it, since it’ll try to copy over the file and run that

I know that it’s a bla workflow. I actually just got it working on mineos-node in half the steps. Hopefully soon people will start providing feedback on it in general and it can start replacing this Python mineos webui .


Thanks hexparrot, that was my problem. The .phar file in the profile folder was owned by root. I changed it to mc and now I can start/stop the server from the webui. Thanks!


Turns out that it’s even easier than I hoped. Looking through the install script shows that all the PHP builds are available on sourceforge:

For Python MineOS, this actually just means installing the pre-compiled version of PHP, creating a profile and then creating the server–the latter two steps all from the web-ui. All the business with and moving files, changing ownership–these become obsolete.

For MineOS-node this means there won’t be any need to go outside the web-ui. It can be downloaded and servers created all within the webui from the first time it starts.


Hi, just installed PocketMine on MineOS using this tutorial, and everything seems to be okay, did not get any errors.

But somehow i cannot connect with my android tablet with Minecraft PE to my server.
In MCPE: > Add External Server, used a dummy name, for ip the lan ip of the server, and port 19132.

(did add the port 19132 to the iptables on my server)

Am I doing something wrong in Minecraft PE?

btw, cannot ping my MineOS server, seems this is disabled in the linux distro?!?

Stopped the server in the WebUI, started the server in de ssh shell, and if i connect with my tablet, the Mc PE tells me: Locating server , and stays there. If i click cancel on my tablet, the ssh shows:

[info] [/[random port number] logged out due to client disconnect.

So it seems the client can connect, but nothing happens. Maybe something to do with the incoming port of the tables? Do i need to set something in the fireall of MineOS?


One issue I found when trying to connect to the PocketMine server was the user name. Originally, my daughter had put a space in her user name and got a similar response. Once I cleaned up the user name, everything worked OK.


Can you walk me through how to install the pre-compiled version of PHP? I am not sure how to do that… (I assume it is the PHP_5.6.8_x86_Linux.tar.gz?)

Or, which files need to be owned by the minecraft user (not root) in the pmserver directory (at the moment, only the “build” subdirectory is owned by root). I had done something similar to above, where I copied over the new phar file directly to the server directory and now the UI won’t start the server (but I can start it manually).

Should I have put it in the profile directory? If so, should it be the same file name as what was already there, even though it is version 1.5?

Sorry for all the questions, but am very confused!




Getting pocketmine to work on Python MineOS was always a kludgy, hacky solution. It relies on a lot needing to be run from the command line, and isn’t robust for the more modern versions that Pocketmine develops.

Though it’s still pre-production, [mineos-node][1] has Pocketmine working 100% in the web-ui, and it works flawlessly–as far as I’ve tested.

At this point, either you can opt for the new web-ui and be an early adopter–or you’ll have to find a way to adapt these existing instructions to work with the development branch, and go through all the tediousness of getting it to work on a web-ui that didn’t really have this kind of application in mind.



I have been reading over you post you say that there is now profile for pocketmine in mineos

I have a mineos turnkey installed and running but when I got to the profiles section pocketmine is not there how can I add pocketmine to me profile section so I can setup a pockwtmine server