Can't start server - Can't accept EULA

Hey guys! New to MineOS and linux, but have a little bit of experience with bash on macos
This is on the newest version of ubuntu server.

The issue im running into is I can’t start the server and I’m assuming it’s because I haven’t accepted the EULA. I see in most videos most people are able to just click it and it accepts it but my accept button is greyed out and does nothing and doesnt give any errors. It is also telling me “This is done by changing ‘eula=false’ to ‘eula=true’ in eula.txt in your server root.” but when I am SSHed in, i could not find it, and using find -name eula.txt and find -name “eula.txt” is not giving anything back
Screenshot 2023-01-21 093334
Any tips?

Edit: Looking at other issues with starting the server I see most people have logs, where do I see those logs?

cd to var\games\minecraft\servers\your server and then run ls command you should see eula.txt come up, if this is not the case then that means your server has not installed correctly.

Post back the contents that ls prints or screenshot it and print that.

log locations:

got it, eula was in there but was already set to true. Will try getting the logs now.

no server logs it seems

{"level":"info","message":"Starting up server, using commit: 1e040bb update ISO url\n","timestamp":"2023-01-21T01:51:31.185Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"[WEBUI] jeresoul98 connected from","timestamp":"2023-01-21T01:54:28.936Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"Downloaded information for collection: Minecraft Bedrock (28 entries)","timestamp":"2023-01-21T01:54:29.063Z"}

these are the only mineos logs from today

if there is no latest.log then that means the server is not making it far enough or basically not starting to create one and the log is generated pretty early in the start of booting a server.

It will probably be the java version you are using which is a pretty common problem.
Minecraft 1.19 would need java 17 and the Webuil has java 16.

You just need to install java 17 alongside or the Webui may even work with java 17 i am not sure i have always just left it as it is and use additional java binaries that suit what ever Minecraft i want to run.

and then set using the following flag in server.config which can be found in your servers directory.

edit this to suit.

Minecraft also changed the way a server works this may also be worth looking at as it could be part of the issue.

Got it working! Thank you so much!

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