Can't run 1.18.1 or 1.18 on MineOS

My server has been running smoothly for 6 months on 1.17.1 and yesterday I tried to update to 1.18, I noticed that paperclip.jar is not even available in the profiles tap. I decided to go with Mojang “minecraft_server.1.18.1” and my server won’t run. I went back to 1.17.1 and the server won’t run either. I tried updating Java but still having the issue. with “forge-1.18-39.0.0-installer.jar” I can make the server run for couple secs before crashing.

have MineOS installed on Debian and I update things in putty.

I just fixed the issue. You will need to upgrade the Java I think it is.

Here is the link: Minecraft 1.18 + Java 1.17

Just scroll down to “ulaar” comment. and follow the steps.