Can't access webui

So starting yesterday I cannot access my webui, was there some sort of background update that broke things, no clue as to why at this point so I need a hand.

I can log into my server with no problems and play. I can FTP and SSH in with winscp and putty respectively, but I cannot access the webUI at all. This is both from my external IP or the local IP of the machine on my own internal network when I’m in my own house. Making it impossible for me to do anything with it. I’ve rebooted the machine, apt-get update etc with no luck everything else seems to work fine. I even swapped ethernet cables/ports and verified my connection.

Btw this isnt a fresh install it’s been running for about a month with no issues. I built a new machine and just moved my world over from my old one. Been using mineos overall through its various forms since I think 2012

I’m wondering if maybe reinstalling the webui is not only possible but may correct this issue if anyone has any insight

A reinstall is definitely not necessary, but it’s also not harmful.

The webui is basically just a bunch of NodeJS scripts that live in /usr/games/minecraft. More than likely though–since the webui and the scripts haven’t been updated in some time–is that your NodeJS version changed (updated) from the system end.

Take a look at /var/log/mineos.log and see if there are any stand-out errors.

Then take a look at this post and a few of the entries below it to see if the webui running. Megathread for MineOS webui issues

Feel free to share any of the logs you see, as it will assist in the troubleshooting.

Thank you for the info, my logs showed nothing out of the ordinary but the fail2ban log showed a bunch of errors starting at the same time I started having issues with my connection. About a day and a half after my post I lost the ability to apt-get update and I could see my server but could not connect as it was saying it couldn’t connect to the authentication servers. So I’m just wiping the hdd and rebuilding from scratch to avoid the headache. I’ve backed my worlds up and copied them over to another system for the time being. Much appreciated for the mega thred as well I will read though it incase of any further issues.

Just wanted to update, I figured out what my problem was. It wasn’t an issue with mineos or the webui technically. I had uploaded the world from a server I use to play on that they made public when they reset. By mistake I also uploaded the entire playerdata folder consisting of over 235k user files. I only figured this out because I had reuploaded it after this recent reinstall and suffered the same symptoms and followed the mega thread advice to no avail I suspected it was getting hung up somewhere. Upon deleting that folder everything worked flawlessly again. Hope this may help someone in the future.

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