Cannot load MineOS WebUI

Hi all,

I just successfully installed MineOS, (on top of Debian) but I cannot load the Web UI.
https://[ip address]:8443/ results in being stuck at “Connected to [ip address]…” (Firefox)

The server in question is:

Dell Precision 490
Intel Xeon @ 1.86 GHz
1000mbps Broadcom BCM5752 NIC

If you’re connecting via the same network, you don’t need to censor out the IP address (there is no exploitable information in a private network IP address that starts with 10. or 192.. In fact, what IP address you put in might be the issue-at-hand.

What’s the IP address that you put in?

Also, can you confirm that the webui is running?

Everything is in the 192 network, so my PC is and the server is, and everything is running fine in there (contacting it over SSH works OK)

EDIT: Just figured out it only does this on Firefox on Windows, IE on PC and Firefox on Android loaded OK :confused: