Assistance requested with new install

Well. I have done all the updates ect listed in the above Start Button Does Nothing thread. To no avail. Server still does not start. Like it’s a dead button.
I have gone so far as to do a complete install of MineOS Turnkey on a dedicated desktop unit, with a fresh clean empty hdd. The system has 4 gb of ddr3 ram an icore 5 processor and a 120gb hdd for space to play in.
The thing is fully capable of supporting a full blown OS as heavy as windopes7 pro. So I am 99% sure it’s not the hardware.
I’ve done everything shown in the videos. Run all the commands in the above listings links. Read the mega list 2x. Nothing has worked yet. Even reinstalled the MineOS again, this time from a fresh download and fresh made dvd.
So can anyone assist an old man? Trying to build a safe server for his Gran-Daughter and other family members?

Update. I was able to start a 1.12.2 server. But when ever I try to connect to it it gets rejected for being outdated. None of the newer profiles work.

Please see

As for the rejected bit, you are attempting to join a 1.12.2 server from/with a 1.13.x client (the server has no knowledge or support for newer versions and vice versa unless it was patched in someway/somehow). Once you update the webui however and redownload the profile (and recopy the profile to live server files) everything should just work.

Ok. As I stated in the first post. I have done the updates. Per this linked page. MineOS | mineos-node

Which I learned about by reading this thread.

I have also read thru this thread as well.

Which I found in the button does nothing thread. And it didn’t help either.

I have done the webui multiple times. Also have replaced the hdd and reinstalled from yet another downloaded iso file. Burned to yet another dvd. To no end.

I am certian with no doubt that the issue is not with the hard ware. As I have been running Mint in the tower and been opening my world to lan that way. The only bad part of that is that If I leave my avatar unattended while i sleep and work, they tend to die. Hence the attempts at the server.

Well, if you can start a 1.12.2 server with the web ui but not a 1.13.x one then that would have to be the issue; after updating if you didn’t already you restart the MineOS service or the system itself and it should start up on the latest version with that problem fixed. If that problem still persists after then you did not redownload the profile and did not recopy to live server files (which would fix it once and for all).

You also could have run MineOS from Mint if you wanted to (or any other distro).